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Helmet Nape BIG RED Leather

Helmet Nape BIG RED Leather
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Helmet Nape BIG RED Leather

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BIG RED® Welding Helmet Nape

The BIG RED® Welding Helmet Nape is attached to a welding helmet using self stick Velcro®.
The NAPE is 190 mm long and utilises a concertina design to ensure the welding helmet can be easily tilted back.
All seams are sewn with heat resistant Kevlar® thread for extra durability.
Elliotts BIG RED® welders apparel uses soft, premium, selected red butt BIG RED® leather which is extremely durable,
flame resistant and offers excellent protection from welding spatter and dross.
Leather is a extremely strong wearing and protects your work-wear not only from the hazards of welding but also abrasion, fluids and general wear and tear.

Remember the last time a hot spark near drilled a hole to the brain?
Well this little helmet nape will deflect sparks from the neck and possible save your shirt collar too?
Keeps a lot of the dirt & crap out of your hair & scalp
Welds will improve because you wont be screaming for a nurse to bring the burns cream!
Might even stop you going bald before your time?
Excellent neck & scalp protection

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