Gasless MIG Welding Wire 1.2mm 4.5Kg (AWS E71T-11) Multi Pass.

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1.2mm x 4.5Kg

Bossweld Gasless (AWS E71T-11)
Gasless Flux cored Mig welding Wires (1.2mm x 4.5Kg)
Bossweld Gasless 11 MIG Wire
Multiple pass applications
Thicker gauges of galvanized & mild steel.
AWS Specification
E71T-11 Industry Specification
Self Shielded Flux Core wire
Suitable for Multiple pass applications
Smooth Arc action DC-
No Shielding gas required
All Welding Positions
Excellent on Galvanized steel
General welding and repairs outdoors
Farm repairs and maintenance on heavier structures
Mig Spool size 200mm Dia. x 54mm Wide x 52mm Bore