Welding Rods 1.6mm 5.0Kg ER70S-2 Mild Steel ELGA 115

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Welding Rods 

1.6mm 5.0Kg ER70S-2

Mild Steel ELGA 115

Made in Sweden

ELGA 115 TIG ER70S-2
Copper coated triple deoxidized' steel welding rod recommended for the
high quality Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) welding of carbon and carbon-Manganese steels.
It is the ideal choice for TIG welding rusty or mill scaled plates and pipes and the root pass welding of pipes,
tanks and heavy walled joints where good root toughness and radiographic soundness are achieved under high dilution.
Low Carbon Steel Filler Rod for Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) Welding
Triple Deoxidized for Superior Weld Deposit Quality and Resistance to Porosity
Note: Stamped along the length of wire AWS Class ER70S-2
Consumable Type: ELGA 115 Super Steel
Brand: ELGA 115 of SWEDEN
Standard: AS 1167.2.
Alternate Standard: AWS/ASME-SFA A5.18.
Classification: R2
Alternate Classification: ER70S-2