Tungsten Electrodes Rare Earth 1.6mm Binzel E3 Purple Tip AC/DC

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1.6mm Binzel E3 Rare Earth Purple Tip AC/DC
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BINZEL E3 / WGla 15
1.6mm Rare Earth Tungstens

Non-radioactive tungsten with similar performance as 2% Thoriated tungsten.
Three oxides scientifically balanced to promote migration and evaporation rates that result in extended tungsten life.
Offers stability and consistency not seen on most other types of tungsten.
Results include, increase in weld quality and dramatic increase in service.
The benefits of Wolfram tungsten?
Reliable arc-striking
Low burn-off rate
Highest quality of arc
35% less power consumption
40% prolonged service life
50% less set-up costs
50% less gas consumption
100% reproducible results
AC & DC Welding TIG welding Electrodes
Weld Aluminium (AC HF)
Weld Stainless Steels (-DC)
Polished finish on electrode less contamination