Tungsten Electrode 1.6mm (E3) WY20 2% Yttrium Sky Blue Tip

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1.6mm E3 AC/DC WY20

2% Yttrium Tungsten Electrode
Sky Blue Tip, Photo for display purpose only, read description
AC & DC Welding TIG welding Electrodes
1.6mm x 175mm
Weld Aluminium (AC HF)
Weld Stainless Steels (-DC)
Narrow Arc deeper penetration at low amps
Tungsten yttrium electrodes are electrodes made of tungsten and yttrium.
Similar to thoriated tungsten electrodes and ceriated tungsten electrodes,
E3 Yttriated tungsten electrodes can be differentiated by their tip colour.
Tip colour of tungsten E3 yttrium electrodes is Sky Blue.
Another point is that the yttrium content, in tungsten Yttrium electrodes, content of Yttrium ranges from 1.8% to 2.2%.
Following is a table to show tungsten Yttrium electrodes clearly.
E3 Yttrium has the highest thermodynamic affinity for oxygen of any element.
Yttrium is not found in nature as a free element and is almost always found combined with the lanthanides in rare earth minerals
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