Tungsten Zirconia White Tip 2.4mm 0.8% AC Only WZ8

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10 Pcs 2.4mm X 0.8%

Zirconia Tungsten AC Only

Tungsten Tig Electrode 0.8% Zirconia
Aluminium Welding 2.4mm x 175mm

Colur Code: WHITE TIP
NOTE: Zirconiated tungsten electrode produces an extremely stable arc and resists tungsten spitting.
It is ideal for AC welding because it retains a balled tip and has a high resistance to contamination.
Its current-carrying capability is equal to or greater than that of thoriated tungsten.
Under no circumstances is zirconiated recommended for DC welding.
Please note same photo used for all ZW8 tungsten, display purpose only, read size description before purchase.