2.4mm 5.0Kg Aluminium TIG Wire 4047 300030

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4047 Aluminium TIG Wire

2.4mm 5.0Kg 

Part code: 300030

AWS A5.10 ER4047 (10-12% Silicon )
10-12% Silicon content to produce higher weld
shear strength and minimize hot cracking.

The slightly lower melting point & higher fluidity of

4047 make it ideal for brazing operations.
BOSSWELD Alloy 4047 is an
aluminum filler metal which contains
approximately 10-12% silicon.
This alloy is commonly used not only in MIG or TIG
applications, but also as a general purpose
brazing alloy providing a free-flowing filler
metal and good corrosion resistance.
BOSSWELD Alloy 4047 is recommended for
welding or brazing aluminum alloys:
1060,1350, 3003, 3004, 3005, 5005, 5050,
6053, 6061, 6951 7005 and cast alloys 710.0
and 711.0.
BOSSWELD Alloy 4047 has an
approximate melting range of 1070°-1080°F
and the post anodizing color tint is grayish black