Tungsten Electrode Ceriated Grey Tip AC/DC WC8 2.4mm

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10 Pcs

2.4 X 2% Ceriated Grey Tip AC/DC
Qty 10....2% Cerium/Ceriated Tungsten electrode.
-Ceriated tungsten can withstand higher temperatures and works very well with the new squarewave and inverter machines for the following reasons:
-Holds a point longer and starts well at low amperages.
Can be used on both AC and DC polarities.
-When welding aluminum, it has become very acceptable to grind a point on ceriated tungsten (especially when welding on thinner materials).
-WC8-Cerium/Ceriated tungsten electrodes have easy arc starting performance and low arc.
-WC8-It is especially used to weld pipes, stainless steel articles and fine mini parts.
WC8 Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes
Used with AC or DC current. Suitable for multi purpose applications.
Grey tip tungsten providing thorium free welding for use with ferrous and non ferrous metals
Length 150mm - 178mm
Packs of 10