4.0mm 5.0Kg GEMINI 12 General Purpose 100014

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One Packet 4.0mm x 5.0Kgs
Gemini 12 Welding electrodes are Rutile type electrode, easy starting.
AWS A5.1 E 6012
Rutile type electrode, with easy starting
characteristics, can be used for all general
welding of structural steel, wrought iron,
gates, galvanised steel and thinner sections.
Recommended for the less experienced welder
as they are so easy to use.
Flat, Horizontal,Vertical up & Overhead.
Size(mm) Pkt(kg) Part No.
1.6mm x 2 Kg 1000116
2.0mm x 2 Kg 100011
2.6mm x 2 Kg 100012
3.2mm x 5.0 Kg 100013
4.0mm x 5.0Kg 100014