Aluminised Furnace Sleeves CA340 FCA340SLV Un-Lined

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Aluminised Furnace Sleeves
Elliott's FSLV Aluminised Un-Lined
Furnace Sleeves are designed to protect the
arms from high radiant heat, sparks and slag.
Available in both lined and unlined fabric systems
Fitted with adjustable leather strap and buckle rear closure
designed to integrate with Aluminised furnace apron.
Standards and Performance:
Foundry work such as charging, taping and pouring molten metal can
expose workers to dangerous thermal hazards and burn injuries.
Elliotts range of Foundry PPE is either manufactured to meet the
requirements of ISO 11612:2015 Protective Clothing - Clothing to
protect again heat and flame or is made of materials independently
tested to meet the standard.