AUTO Darkening Helmet X-Sight F1 700432

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AUTO Darkening Helmet X-Sight

Electronic Welding Helmet F1



A more intelligent method of working is to always have the appropriate Helmet while welding.
Weld like a boss with the F1 series X-sight welding helmet.
Switch to a safer and more reliable way of welding.
This is a really high-quality auto-darkening helmet needed for all sorts of welding purposes and will serve you for a very long time.
It is certain that using this auto-darkening helmet by Bossweld will help you protect
your eyes and will provide a clear vision while welding.
While conducting welding activities, the X-Sight series adjustable shade digital welding
helmet is perfectly built to protect your eyes, neck, and face against
flash burns, ultraviolet and infrared light, sparks, and heat.
Auto darkening welding helmets from the X-Sight family are
compatible with plasma cutting, gas welding, cutting, MIG, Stick, and TIG.
100mm x 53mm viewing area
Certified to AS/NZS 1337 & 1338
Dual Shade Range 5-8 / 9-13 with 4 sensors
Grinding mode
Design: F1
Welding workshops
Site welding
Where additional protection from welding is required
Brand: Dynaweld Australia
4 out of 5 stars
Excellent wearability makes the cost worthwhile. - Michael
3 out of 5 stars
Really outstanding use and durability. A bit too sensitively elevated.
- Andrew Jr.