ARC Welding Rods Aluminium 4043 2.4mm x 0.45kg E404324M

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Blue Demon Aluminium ARC Welding Rods 

4043 Electrodes

2.4mm x 0.45kg

E404324M/300016H (Bossweld)
Blue Demon - E4043 is a general purpose aluminum
electrode for arc welding aluminum alloys.

The arc is stable and operates at low temperatures with
a minimum of spatter and fuming.
The welds are strong, dense, and free of porosity on both production
and maintenance applications. 
E4043 is a great choice when welding heat-treated aluminum parts.
This welding rod may also be used in brazing applications.
AWS Specification: A5.3/A5.3M:1999(R2007) - AWS Classification: E4043 - Welding Current: DCEP
Typical Applications:
Arc welding aluminum’s alloyed with copper, silicon, and magnesium.
Excellent for joining dissimilar grades of aluminium.
AWS Specification:
AWS A5.3
AWS Classification:
Welding Current:
DCEP (Electrode Positive)
Typical Wire Chemistry:
Si: 5.25
Cu: 0.23
Fe: 0.8
Mg: 0.04
Mn: 0.04
Zn: 0.08
Typical Mechanical properties (As Welded):
Yield Strength, psi: 34,000
Tensile Strength, psi: 20,000
% Elongation: 18
Welding Positions:
Flat, Horizontal
Available Diameters:
5/64", 3/32", 1/8" & 5/32"
Operating Range in Amps:
5/64": 20 - 60
3/32"- 2.4mm 50 - 80
1/8" - 3.2mm 70 - 120
5/32": 110 - 15