Blue Max® Knee Pads Chrome leather KP10

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Blue Max® Knee Pads Chrome leather welders,
foam rubber padded fitted with quick release velcro
Code: KP10
The Blue Max Chrome Leather Welding Knee Pads with Quick Release Closure
Leather welding knee pads equipped with quality 50 mm foam and
quick release elastic / hook and loop closure.
Blue Max welders protective clothing is made from heavy-duty chrome
split leather which is extremely durable, flame resistant and offers
excellent protection from welding spatter and dross. Leather is an
extremely strong-wearing material which can protect your workwear,
not only from the hazards of welding but also from abrasion, fluids and general wear and tear.
The Blue Max range of welding apparel has been independently third party
CE Certified to ISO 11611 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes.