Mini Magnets Bossweld Multi Angle 4 Pack 886028

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Bossweld Multi Angle Mini Magnet

4 Pack

A more intelligent method of working is to always have the appropriate MAGNET on hand.
Cut manufacturing time and move more quickly to generate extra income.
Profits will rise if labour costs are reduced.
This mini welding magnet is a really high-quality mini magnet needed for all
sorts of welding purposes and will serve you for a very long time.
It is certain that using this mini magnet by Bossweld will help you
save time and money everywhere you utilize it.
These Bossweld mini multi-angle 4kg welding magnets have a holding capacity of 4 kg.
Perfect for temporarily joining workpieces together before a full weld.
You can keep your raw materials together with Bossweld welding magnets.
This will free up your hands so you can tack and weld the materials into place.
Note: This magnet is ineffective for aluminum or stainless steel.

Along with the traditional 45° and right angle (90°) edges, this magnet welding fixer also contains a 30/60° edge.
This strong mini magnet is easy to handle because of the centre hole.
To strengthen the work even further, there are two tiny riveted holes that can be used to connect magnets.
Structure: Block Neodymium composite Magnet Magnet for industrial use.
Type: Angles that are fixed: 30°/60°, 45°, and 90°
Dimension: 50mm x 60mm x 14mm.
The package contains 1 set of WM4-304590s Multi-angle Welding Magnets,
draw force: 15 Kg, net weight: 220 g. (4 pcs)
Brand Name: Bossweld
Model Name: Bossweld Multi-Angle Mini Magnet
Color: Yellow
Item Weight: 220 grams
Number of Items: Pack of 4
Size: 50mm x 60mm x 14mm
Model: 886028
90° Angle (Yes/No) Yes
45° Angle (Yes/No) Yes
Welding workshops
Site welding
Where additional protection from welding is required
4 star
Fantastic purchase from Bob the welder.
An authentic item with good magnet strength.
Very handy if you're working with light materials.
It is definitely a time saver when you’re welding.
3 star
The magnetic strength is a bit weak, it works with lightweight
objects but is a struggle when you’re working with a lot of them.