Aluminized Furnace Hood with Gold Visor AR530 FAR530LHD1GV

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Aluminized Furnace Hood with Gold Visor AR530 Preox T-Gard P190. 
Code: FAR530LHD1GV Hood
Aluminized Furnace Hood
Designed to protect the head and upper body in heavy duty furnace
environments where protection from high radiant heat, sparks and
slag is required.
• Full head, neck, shoulder and chest protection.
• Integrated hard hat, aluminium frame with gold heat reflective visor.
• Replaceable Integrated Visor 310mm wide x 165mm high viewing area.
• Underarm straps to ensure hood stays in place when bending over.
*Complies with ISO11612 Requirements
Please Note: This item is custom made to order Eta approx.4-6 Weeks