Welding Rods Cellulose 2.5mm 2.5Kg Root Run Proweld E4111/E6011

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Proweld Cellulose x 2.5mm x 2.5Kg Cellulose
Part Code: Proweld E 6011/ E 4111
High Cellulose electrode for welding in all positions including vertical-down on both AC & DC current.
Proweld Cellulose electrodes are a fast freezing rod meaning that the weld puddle changes from liquid to solid rapidly
and holds up well in difficult welding positions including vertical up, vertical down and overhead.
AWS Specification
A5.1 E 6011/E4111
Industry Specification
A5.1 E 6011/E4111
Fast freezing weld metal
Thin flux coating
Deep, forceful arc
Versatile electrode
Welding Positions
All positions including vertical down
Single sided weld joints
Pipe Butt Welds
Galvanized steel
Ideal for welding joints which are dirty or oily