Magnashield DLK35 Heat Resistant Glove Size 10 (Extra Large)

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Size 10 (Extra Large)
MagnaShield DLK35
is a heavy-duty double layer knitted heat
resistant glove.
Knitted Aramid/ Cotton blend providing flexible
and comfortable high heat protection with specialised silicone
strip coating providing excellent grip.
• Contact temperature level 4 (500°C) requires 15 seconds while
Fortes HC35 achieved 21 seconds; Convective heat level 4
requires 18 seconds while HC35 achieved 37 seconds.
• Exclusive technology of double layer liner offering the best
protection against high temperature.
• The MOST flexible and comfortable heat resistant glove
in the market, well up to 500°C.
• Both sides silicone coated providing excellent grip, extra
heat resistance and durability.
• 360° breathability to keep your hands cool while wearing.
• Multiple launderings while both heat and cut resistant
level remain the same.

Magnashield DLK35 Heat Resistant Glove Large