Welders Jackets BIG RED Premium leather SML BRWJSML

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Jacket BIG RED premium leather [SMALL]
The BIG RED® Welders Jacket
(Product Code: BRWJSML)
The BIG RED® Welders Jacket has been designed with an extended back for additional protection, especially if you are bending over to access a difficult weld.
The front closure is "off centre" away from high wear areas where it does not get in your way.
Wear seams are welted for additional protection and all seams are sewn with heat resistant Kevlar® thread for extra durability.
Big Red® selected leather
Welted seams for extra strength
Longer length at the back for extra protection
Velcro® side closure
Leather/Velcro® cuff tabs
Sewn with heat resistant Kevlar thread for extra durability.
Elliotts BIG RED® welders apparel uses soft, premium, selected red butt BIG RED® leather which is extremely durable,
flame resistant and offers excellent protection from welding spatter and dross.
Leather is a extremely strong wearing and protects your work-wear not only from the hazards of welding but also abrasion, fluids and general wear and tear.
WEIGHT: 1.86kg - SMALL

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