Flashback Torch End TWIN PACK Bossweld 400133

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Flashback Bossweld-Torch End TWIN PACK Bossweld 400133.

Bossweld TWIN PACK Torch End 400133

One Oxygen, One Acetylene (fuel)

Suit regular Australian standard gas welding equipment using 5/8" 18 UNF threads

Bossweld flashback arrestors are designed to
shut off gas flow in the case of a flashback.

Flashback arrestors should be fitted to the
torch and regulator end of gas equipment to
provide maximum safety.

Are especially useful in confined workplaces
and/or where a fire would be hazardous.

Recommended for use in all Oxy/fuel gas

They comply
with AS 4603-1999.Testing should be carried
out twelve monthly and is available.