Foot Controller 7 Pin (BOSSWELD 600302 - 600303).

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7 Pin Tig Foot Controller (BOSSWELD 600302 & or 600303)
Please check before purchase this item model maybe superseded
Resistance: 2.2K ohm
Please note part 600302 is a discontinued model and might not be available?
Foot control 6000303 is designed for Bossweld DIGI series TIG machines only
Foot control for New models of DIGI AC/DC Tig machines.
BOSSWELD 200 AC/DC & HF inverters are discontinued models.
Please note image not BOSSWELD model may have a different cable connection
Foot Operated Amperage Control
Basic principle simple to use, crank up & down the amps as you weld.
Excellent on variable thickness metals being welded.
600302 is 7 Pin Female plug 15mm diameter
600303 new model and plug size not known at this stage.