Foundry Protective Clothing Jacket-1270mm PR720 Unlined

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Foundry Protective Clothing
Foundry Jacket - 1270mm | Unlined | Side Closure Action Back
Made To Order (MTO)

Brand: Elliotts
Elliotts Fabric PR720 Furnace Jacket.
Sizes SML-4XL
Side Closure with Action Back.
Unlined 1270mm Long.
• Standard design with action back for extra mobility.
• Side front closure of 50mm Flame Resistant hook and loop.
• Available as 1270mm
• Unlined PR720* FPR720JA127
• Sewn with heat resistant Aramid thread
Complies with ISO 11612 Requirements
Material Options:
This jacket is available in 5 different unlined aluminised materials:
CX407 - Carbon X - 407gm2
CA340 - Aluminised Carbon / Aramid - 340gm2
CA515 - Aluminised Carbon / Aramid - 515gm2
PR720 - Aluminised Preox (Pro-oxidised acrylic) - 720gms
AR530 - Aluminised Aramid - 530gms