Magnetic Holder Multi Angle 25Kg 886030

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Welding Magnetic Tool Holder




Having the right welding magnet holder on hand at all times is always a smarter way to operate.
Reduce production time and work more rapidly to make more money.
Increasing profits will result from lowering labour expenses.
Bossweld magnetic holder 100mm is a very durable, high-quality magnetic holder
multi-angle that is required for all types of welding applications.
Anywhere you use it, employing this small magnet from Bossweld will undoubtedly help you save time and money.
The holding capacity of these Bossweld tiny multi-angle 25 kg welding magnets is 25 kg.
Perfect for effectively putting bits of work together before a complete weld.
Use Bossweld welding magnets to keep your raw materials together.
Your hands will be freed up, as a result, enabling you to tack and weld the items into place.
Excellent as a second set of hands for challenging fit-up chores.
Note: This magnet is ineffective for aluminum or stainless steel.

Higher precision, better corrosion resistance, resin edging, and excellent magnetic protection
are all features of the bracket, which is built of ferrite double-layer thick galvanized sheet.
High absorption force, plain, undistorted surface, no requirement for manual assistance, and simple welding
Extensively applied to electric welding. used for magnetic pick-up tools, installation, piping installation, soldering, riveting, etc.
Measurement from various angles.
It can solder the components together after welding them at an angle of 45, 90, or 135 degrees.
Type: Angles that are fixed: 30°/60°, 45°, and 90°, 135° 180°
Dimension: 121mm x 82mm x 16mm. 15 kg of pull 220g in total.
Multi-angle Welding Magnets
Brand Name: Bossweld
Model Name: Bossweld Multi-Angle Mini Magnet
Color Yellow
Item Weight 0.38 Kg
Number of items in Pack One
Size: 121mm x 82mm x 16mm
Model 886030
90° Angle (Yes/No) Yes
45° Angle (Yes/No) Yes
135° Angle (Yes/No) Yes
180° Angle (Yes/No) Yes
Welding workshops
Site welding
Where additional protection from welding is required
Manufacturer: Dynaweld Australia
4-star A fabulous buy from Bob the welder. Genuine product and has a really good magnet strength.
Must buy more Bossweld Magnetic MIG Torch Holder for making welding easier.
3-Star A decent product. One can be sure of the brand, although it gets a bit difficult to work with heavier materials.