MINI Magnets 50 x 60 x 14 6Pcs

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Stronghand Tools
MAGNETS MINI 50mm x 60mm x 14mm
Six Pack (Qty 6)

Mini Magnets 50mm x 60mm x 14mm MS346AK (Qty 6)
How good is this?
Quantity Six (6) mini magnets
30/60 degree edge with the standard 45 degree & 90 degree angles
Magnet force 4.5/12.5 Kgs
Great for fiddly fit up jobs, as good as extra pair of hands
Having the right MAGNET on hand when you need it is a smarter way to work!
Reduce production time, work faster. make more money
Quality of work in progress will improve.
Reduce labour cost, increase profits.
This is a Top Quality tool that will serve you for many, many productive years.
No matter where you use this tool it will save you Time & Money guaranteed.