Spool Gun 200A 8.0mtr QLBF-200III-8

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MIG Spool Guns

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This is our latest heavy duty 200A quality model 24KD, wire feed control on hand piece
Compatible parts with Binzel 24KD consumables
Fully enclosed wire cabinet
Takes standard Mini Spools of Mig wire (100mm x 48mm x 16.0mm bore)
8.0 Metre power cable with EURO connection & plug
Especially designed for those hard to get at welding spots.
Welds Aluminium with positive feed, great alternative to a push pull system
Requires hard wiring up to your existing mig welding machine.
Qualified technician will be required

Light weight, less operator fatigue.
Long power cabling, better manoeuvrability.
24 Volt x 15 watt DC drive motor.
Maximum 200 Amps 60% duty cycle