P141 x 6mtr Plasma Torch Trafimet Auto Cut PA0103

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Plasma Cutter Spares P141 Trafimet AutoCut PA0103 6mtr
Voltage class: M
Air pressure: 5 bar
Duty cycle (140 A): 60%
Duty cycle (100 A): 100%
Part Code PA0103
Plasma torches with high frequency.
The principle novelty of this torch is the integration of all the models- from 80 to 150 ampere-in a single handle.
-Repairability: for the damage of a single part, it is possible now to replace it without having to buy the complete torch head.
-Protection: the torch head is integrated in the plastic handle, so it is better protected against accidental knocks that could cause damage to the torch.
-Standard: the trigger used in the handle is the same one widely used in MIG torches; the retaining screws and the ball and socket joints are the same as in the Ergotig series.
- Light weight
- Ergonomics: this handle already trialled with the first Ergocut models, has had its dimensions revised so as to be able to hold larger torch bodies.
- Safety: to reduce the amount of heat striking the hand of the operator and to protect it better against cutting splash, the grip
has been moved back a few centimetres, obtaining a considerable reduction of temperature in the area of the trigger.
This torch is the evolution of the A141, the best ratio between performance and price that is available on the market.
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