Self-Sheilding Mig Series/NK115-15L (4.5m/15') Lincoln 450A

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Self-Sheilding Mig Series/NK115-15L (4.5m/15')

Lincoln Connect.


Standard Features

*....450 Amps @ 60% Duty Cycle

*....Wire Sizes 2.0mm-3.0mm

The self shielding welding torch is suitable for flux-cored wire welding.

This type of welding can enhance the construction quality of pipeline engineering.

It is widely used in the pipeline construction. The adaptor has many kinds for different wire feeders to fit for various welding machines.

Wire liner can be replaceable for extending the working life of welding gun.

Product can be compatible and interchangeable with the original Lincoln welding gun.

Featuring high reliability and durability, the self shielding welding gun is convenient for field engineering.

Through improvement in many aspects, our self shielding welding torch has better performance.

Large current welding gun trigger switch allows for excellent electric conductivity of the product.

Additional cable rubber sleeve increases the strength of the cable.

Product is designed with two models of NK115 and NK126.

NK115 product is produced with the rated current of 450A and duty cycle of 60%.

This series of welding gun has the general type, the type with attenuation switch or liner replaceable type.

User can choose the suitable type according to their demands.